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  • Football picks Five players recorded a triple-double and set a record for one-day matches in the regular season - read more

  • Football tip Guardiola: We will start negotiations with Aguero - read more

  • Football predictions Leverkusen `buried` Gladbach even deeper - read more

  • Football prediction Start of the match: Roma 0:0 Milan - read more

  • Football tipster Ten from Atalanta collapsed under the pressure of Real in the end - read more

  • Football prediction Nole to Medvedev: You will be a champion, but wait a few more years - read more

  • Football predictions UEFA presented the official ball for the Champions League final - read more

  • Football tipster Dallas returned to winning ways, Philadelphia with the 16th success of the season - read more

  • Football prediction Hertha officially attracted a world champion - read more

  • Football prediction Klopp: That`s us - read more

  • Football tipsters This is what the Chelsea players complained about when working with Lampard - read more

  • Football tipsters All Premier League matches in February will be broadcast live - read more

  • Football predictions RB Leipzig again failed to take the top spot in the Bundesliga - read more

  • Football tip The Atletico midfielder hopes to get out of an emotional hole after his first goal - read more

  • Football picks AEK (Athens) splits with Massimo Carrera - read more

  • Football tipsters Barcelona 0:1 Valencia, the guests opened after a corner - read more

  • Football prediction Conte got into a fight with reporters after the match - read more

  • Football tips A new strong slap, Barça is now 12 points from the top - read more

  • Football prediction Atletico missed the experimental Bayern - read more

  • Football picks Beaches and boats are Gattuso`s problem before the rematch at Camp Nou - read more

  • Football picks John Henry: I am proud of Liverpool`s achievements in the last year - read more

  • Football predictions After another goal, Imobile became the most successful player in Europe - read more

  • Football predictions Saint-Etienne, with a wish for Mbappe, his injury is not so serious - read more

  • Football picks Manchester United are moving towards their old goal - read more

  • Football picks Solskjaer will not protect the players before the clash with Chelsea - read more

  • Football predictions Mourinho: We made two gifts to the opponent - read more

  • Football tipsters Sassuolo 0:0 Napoli, Rui clear of the line - read more

  • Football prediction Montpellier missed the victory against Dijon - read more

  • Football prediction Zidane: Vinicius will not leave us, I will count on him - read more

  • Football tipsters Arsenal are looking for a new manager, three names are coming together - read more

  • Football tip The scandal between Stirling and Gomez has not been without consequence - read more

  • Football picks A late goal ranked Juventus for the eliminations in the World Cup - read more

  • Football prediction Leipzig broke the record, and Timo Werner surpassed himself - read more

  • Football tipster Buffon: I still feel important about Juve - read more

  • Football tipsters Dybala: We have shown more experience - read more

  • Football tips De Laurentis: I can`t understand why Insinia is not happy in Napoli - read more

  • Football tip 365 Only a miracle can thwart the debut of Nationals in the World Series - read more

  • Football tipsters Fabio Capello:Messi and Cristiano to learn and lose - read more

  • Football pick Chavez:My idea is to start as a coach in Qatar and then return to Barca - read more

  • Football tips Fulham won the derby at the bottom with a goal in the added time - read more

  • Football picks Sevilla spoiled Boateng`s debut and sent Barca to Nockdown - read more

  • Football tip The last chuck saved Verder from another loss - read more

  • Football tips Japan looks confidently towards Tokyo gold `20 - read more

  • A canceled penalty seems to have determined the first to be defeated in the Championship - read more

  • Iso`s next gag - read more

  • Cane marks again, Tottenham overcame the latter - read more

  • Golovin: This is a fairy tale! - read more

  • A Serbian football manager emerges as a central figure in the scandal in Belgium - read more

  • Clop:Firmino is ready, Salah is in great shape - read more

  • Sport Bild with revelations about a bunch of mischiefs in Bayern - read more

  • Interview with Simeone:We have reached Madrid without Ronaldo - read more

  • Mario Gomez was in a special match, but he did not reach Stuttgart - read more

  • Mladic flashed for Juventus against Bayern - read more

  • Chelsea is still waiting for Sarri - read more

  • Henderson refused to blame Karius - read more

  • Cult former goalkeeper became a boss in Wolfsburg - read more

  • He was the world football champion from 1966 - read more

  • Zidane waits for five minutes to embrace Iniesta - read more

  • Watford interrupted a long series without success - read more

  • Keelor ​​Navas:We`ll play for a win in the rematch - read more

  • The Real Madrid reserves recorded victory with the thought of Bayern - read more

  • Oddly:Real Madrid is better as a guest - read more

  • Only the best 4 left, we are waiting for the draw! - read more

  • There is one of Barca who can win this season - read more

  • Krono with very important success against Bologna - read more

  • Man United believes he can steal Willian - read more

  • Beckham`s son trains with Wozniacki - read more

  • Allegri has announced several news and has kept matches for the last time - read more

  • Qualifier fucked Fuck and Dust Vinus Williams in Miami - read more

  • Javier Pastore may go to Besiktas - read more

  • Andrea Belotti:I do not want to rub the bench in a big club - read more

  • Ramos after match №150:Kasimias is already trembling! - read more

  • Gatuzo has signed with Milan for a week? - read more

  • Mancini:I hope to have another team in England again - read more

  • Chelsea has no hindrance to starting the construction of its new stadium - read more

  • Tears for Astors in Spain and Portugal - read more

  • Hainkes:It was one of our best games - read more

  • Hainkes for the Bayern Brawl:Better than the players to fall asleep - read more

  • Mourinho beat Conte, Lukaku at the base of United`s victory - read more

  • Cristiano is back on track to bring (the group) - read more

  • Bushar appeared in court in the USTA case - read more

  • Messi first scored Chelsea and pulled Barca to Stamford Bridge - read more

  • Spanish authorities will not blame UBA players - read more

  • Lyon had a good lead against Villarreal - read more

  • Many emotions and 4 goals in Vigo - read more

  • Cinelini:Guardiola destroyed Italian protected football - read more

  • Nowitzki became the sixth in the history of the NBA, reaching 50, 000 game minutes - read more

  • Times:Diego Simeone wants to take on Manchester United - read more

  • The second goalkeeper of Atletico runs in Getafe - read more

  • Brighton attacked Leicester - read more

  • Newcastle and Everton in a dispute over Feyenoord`s top scorer - read more

  • Brighton negotiated a midfielder for Bettis - read more

  • Arsenal has reached the League Cup final - read more

  • Belgica stopped Svitolina`s sting - read more

  • The goal balls returned with full force to Bernabeu - read more

  • Hamsik is questioned about the match with Atalanta - read more

  • Today Aubameyang is training, so far in Dortmund - read more

  • Emery:We know who wants to provoke a quake in the PSG - read more

  • How long did Bost Dost save Sporting? - read more

  • Mora said to United, the clubs are negotiating the price - read more

  • Deal:Napoli arranges the Bologna star - read more

  • The Cup Magic was transferred to South Wales - read more

  • Southampton with an attack on Monaco striker - read more

  • Houston Astros accepted the White House invitation - read more

  • Companial injury is not serious - read more

  • Italian is the first candidate for coach of Sevilla - read more

  • No Yanis, no victory for Milwaukee - read more

  • Newcastle stopped the progress of Mose and West Ham - read more

  • Napolee`s star accused Iguaine of lacking respect - read more

  • Milan lost two players for the match with Atalanta - read more

  • The curtain in the Bundesliga fell with another football drama - read more

  • Mark:Mourinho changes Emery in PSG if . . . - read more

  • Messi and Suarez put on their six Golden Boots - read more

  • Bayern has made a bid for goalkeeper, says Bild - read more

  • Warriors did not feel Curry`s lack - read more

  • Will there be a strong clash for La Copa? - read more

  • Napoli - Juventus 0:1, watch the match here! - read more

  • There will be no warm and cold balls at the World Cup 2018, assure FIFA - read more

  • Here is the first Premier League player who can be penalized retrospectively for simulation - read more

  • Max Cruze unleashed his naked anger - read more

  • Lalana may play against Southampton, for Mane - not known - read more

  • Oge Haradee put Eriksen in the top 10 of Europe - read more

  • Vladimir Petkovic wooed the Swiss fans - read more

  • With a goal of Depa Netherlands beat Scotland`s retreat team - read more

  • Cologne appealed against UEFA`s fine and punishment - read more

  • Valverde happy for Alcasser - read more

  • Marseille with an official post-event message - read more

  • London Clash of the 1/4-Cup Finals - read more

  • Bilic: Big victory! We showed that we were alive - read more

  • Atletico managed to win at Vigo - read more

  • Ajax broke the De Kuyp fortress and deepened the crisis in the champions - read more

  • Loko (Moscow) ruined the Czechs for 17 minutes in a historic game - read more

  • Real Madrid steals a goalkeeper from Athletic Bilbao - read more

  • Lazio has admitted to United and City transfer bids - read more

  • John Wall: There is no better guard in the East than I am - read more

  • Serbia is shy with the shame and is on the world stage - read more

  • Hannover lost a defender by the end of the year - read more

  • Best played players in last round of Champions League - read more

  • Aguero may be out for a month and a half - read more

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