Football predictions Saint-Etienne, with a wish for Mbappe, his injury is not so serious

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Saint-Etienne showed good will, wishing Paris Saint-Germain striker Kylian Mbappe a speedy recovery after their defender Loic Perrin injured him during last night`s 1-0 French Cup final, which Paris won 1-0.

Loic Perrin, Saint-Etienne and French football hope to see you on the football fields as soon as possible, Kylian Mbappe, the Greens wrote on Twitter. The player himself welcomed this wish, responding to the post with an emoji, expressing a greeting with his fists.

Meanwhile, Mbappe has shown that he is in a good mood, despite his injury. He uploaded a photo of himself smiling on social media and added as a comment: Waking up as a winner doesn`t feel better. Thank you all for your messages, they move me a lot. Kisses to all and a nice weekend.

The editor-in-chief of RMC Sport, Mohamed Buhafsi, claims that the examinations have shown that the football player has a bad sprain of the ankle, but not serious damage to ligaments.

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