Allegri has announced several news and has kept matches for the last time

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Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri keeps success in all races. The Bianconers are at the 1/4-final in the Champions League, the Italian Cup final and they are fighting for the Serie A title.

We must be ambitious to get to the match via buy football tips on May 26th (b. SHL). We`ve been playing almost every possible season for a couple of years. This is not a statistic that just is going to be thrown away, explained the coach.

On Saturday, the team accepts Milan in a derby for a championship. Rossoneri is a technical team, and Gennaro Gatuzo has organized his team very well, `Max Allegri adds. - The moment to meet this rival is nice. We`re all enthusiastic. We are still angry about the lost 2 points against JAL.

The specialist assured that the healing injury Giorgio Cielini is already fully rebuilt and will even be the champion against Milan`s rival. Here`s what Alegri explained to others about his players, information that fans were eagerly awaiting:

Quadrado? It will be available tomorrow. Douglas Kosta? He has to believe more in situations outside the door because he has qualities that only a few more players in the world have. Bernardeski? He will be in the lineup after a week, does not need surgery. Alex Sandro is a brute, which will have to be judged. Iguaine is not happy after losing Argentina by 1:6 during the week but recovered. Manjukich is fine. Liechtenstein will start right because it is in a very strong shape. Stefan is a great professional.
With two or three in the middle? It depends on my choice of attack.

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