Football prediction Romain Grosjean: Expect three F1 teams to fight for poles and wins every weekend

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Romain Grosjean shared his predictions via watch live football tips for the 2023 Formula 1 season.

The pilot of Indikara, who previously played in F-1, expects three teams to claim the championship:

I expect that Mercedes will return to the fight for the title. Red Bull will remain at the top, even though the team will have less time in the wind tunnel than everyone else because of the position in the championship and the penalty for violating the cost ceiling. I think Ferrari will prepare a good car and Mercedes will be in the same group.

That`s what I can`t wait to watch: three teams fighting for poles and wins every weekend. If this happens, we will go crazy on our sofas - we will see cool racing, cool wrestling.

Maybe I`m right, maybe not. The regulations will remain almost the same, so I believe that Red Bull will remain among the leaders, Ferrari has a good foundation, Mercedes will show strength.

Other intriguing topics for the coming season, Grosjean considers the confrontation between Oscar Piastri and Lando Norris in McLaren, the debut of Fernando Alonso in Aston Martin, as well as the struggle of Alpin teammates Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly.

Things could go wrong if the ego battle for the title of the best French rider in the French team starts. But it can also become a success story for Alpin - of course, as a French pilot I would like this, - commented Romain.

Romain Grosjean: Expect three F1 teams to fight for poles and wins every weekend Football prediction - more details and information: Football prediction

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