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Owner John Henry, part of Liverpool`s management company Fenway Sports Group, has publicly expressed his satisfaction with the `incredible achievement` of the team, which has become English, European and world club champion.

The `Merseysiders` broke a 30-year drought with the trophy at home, after collecting 99 points for the 2019/2020 season, and last calendar year they won their international cups. Curiously, the Premier League title was won on the 10th anniversary of the deal for Liverpool, which Fenway Sports Group concluded and saved the team from financial collapse.

`We waited a long time. It was a very emotional ten years, and Jurgen`s joy in winning the trophy made us feel. Liverpool Football Club is a big family and we are proud to be a part of it. However, I want to warn the fans to celebrate responsibly. although the joy is greatest with them. It is our gift to them. Liverpool is at the forefront every day and I hope the fans will be proud of us. We have achieved a lot in England and Europe over the last year. We have won everything we could. `, he said.

`The fact that we won the titles in England, the Club World Cup and the European Super Cup this season alone is truly amazing. The achievement of Liverpool players and staff is huge. This is absolutely the greatest success not only in my career but also inall in the company-owner of the team.

I can talk for hours about Jurgen Klopp and his huge heart, how his enthusiasm energizes us every day. This is very important because it motivates the players to do the right things, whether we are talking about their attitude in training, the game via football tips on the field, or their contribution to the image of the whole football club. He just wants everything done the right way and he manages to do it.

Jurgen works daily with Mike Gordon and Michael Edwards, who are the people with the strongest moral principles you can imagine. It`s great to communicate with these three people every day, because they are really dedicated and very, very talented. But it`s not just them, I have to mention Tom Warner and Peter Moore. Together with Jurgen, Mike and Michael, they form a perfect group of people and professionals.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the other Liverpool staff on behalf of Fenway Sports Group. I know they already hear it from the fans, but we are really proud of what they have achieved in the last year or two. Thank you, `said Henry.

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