Mourinho beat Conte, Lukaku at the base of United`s victory

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Manchester United made a complete turn and came to a very valuable 2:1 victory against Chelsea at Old Trafford. The Londoners led with Vicilion in the 32nd minute, but Lukaku equalized a little later. The Belgian assisted Jesse Linggard in the 75th minute as he made the victory. After this success the Red Devils returned to second place in the standings, having two points ahead of the third Liverpool. Chelsea, however, was in fifth position and the battle for the seats in the 4th place would be done to the end. The Blues started very aggressively with Manchester United. The Londoners tried to surprise their rival and were close to taking the lead very early. In the fourth minute, Alonso freed himself from the left and sent a sharp centering to Morata. The Spaniard detected the ball from the air but hit it in the upper beam. After the excellent start of the blue, Mourinho`s team started looking at the opponent`s door and dominating the ball more often. The visitors did not, however, pull back and tried to control what was happening on the pitch. Gradually, the pace became lower, with both teams playing more patiently, waiting for a good chance or a mistake for the rival.

The Red Devils organized their best attack in the 28th minute. Then Marcial got the ball to the left and found Alexis Sanchez in the penalty area. The Chilean was unbeatable and in a great position, but lost his balance and made a very light stroke, which was not a problem for Courtois.

After half an hour, Chelsea led a series of mistakes in the hosts` defense. A quick attack, launched by Villian, ended with a brilliant shot of Azar, which found the Brazilian behind United`s defense. Villian advanced and with a shot at the corner he sent the ball into the net. Romeo Lukaku did not score against other leading teams of six championship advised by watch live football tips matches this season. In the 39th minute the Belgian changed that. After an excellent combination that went through Alexis and Marcial, Lukaku finished off with 1:1 goal kick.

The second half started again with a stronger Chelsea game. The morgue, which hit the beam before the break, still does not take advantage of a good opportunity. He was taken by Villian in a good position, but he slowed and his shot was blocked. After his impersonal performance in the first half, Alexis Sanchez continued with his unconvincing appearances after the break.

In an hour, De Haea did not brilliantly intervene after a distant free kick from Drewkot. The Spanish goalkeeper was surprisingly not his highest level and hesitated a few times. He kept the shot, but the ball ended up in a dangerous zone and had to be cleared of Smiling. Lukyu could have impressively scored a second goal in the 68th minute. The ball was aimed at him by Sanchez, and the Belgian with a very beautiful side scissors pointed it at the door, but Courtois intervened. A little later De Hea dropped the ball after Villian hit, but managed to control it afterwards. Manchester United played far better in the second part than his pre-vacation performance, and in the 75th minute he took the lead. Lukaku centers great and puts Jesse Linga`s head

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