Interview with Simeone:We have reached Madrid without Ronaldo

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Diego Simeone is always an interesting interlocutor and has something to say. Invited into the Partidazo line of Kadena Koppe, the senior coach of Atletico Madrid did not fail to confirm this. We have already offered you pieces of El Cholo`s interview, and now you can enjoy the whole.
- What memories are left to you after the successes?
- The feeling just bristles my hair. Good moments, good memories, but in soccer the only important thing is today. You should not stop in one place.
- What are you doing in your spare time?
- I always go out on greenery. I try to go out often to rest my mind;to listen a little when there is much talk. I love being in touch with people. I ask, for example, the taxi driver what he thinks of our player. You feel the mood among the people. Otherwise, I do not think that a person is different from what he is at work at home. I like to be arranged, to know with clarity what and when to do -;so live better.
`You wear the black suit even in the summer. Why?
`I`ve been dressing for 12 years now. Well, of course, it`s not the same suit. It`s just a way to feel good.
- The Champions League final this season is on the Metropolitan
- It`s good for the club and it comes into my mind, but the reality is only today;this applies to all teams with the same purpose as us. Last season we got a heavy hit in the WSW.
- What do you think about the La Liga games in the USA?
- We`ll talk when everything is final. For now -;silence.
- Jan Oblak stayed out of Top 5 of the world`s goalkeepers. Do you agree with this?
- I am surprised because people and journalists are constantly talking about how they are the best goalkeeper in the world, namely they choose. Cloud is the best or at least among the top three in the world, leaving it outside of this group is a poor ranking. However, he must continue on the same path.

`Antoine Griezmann has experienced the same fate. Is anyone shaving for the Atletes plum?
- This is not an explanation for Grizzman:world champion and best player in the final predicted by football record tips in Russia, triumphant in League Europe and the Super Cup of Europe He was the best in the world this year. Electors do not even think outside the cliche. It hurts me for the boys, but that`s the reality.
`Coke was left out of Luis Enrique`s list for La Roche
`He`s an outstanding professional. You just saw him practice these two weeks! Luis`s decision, which I consider to be a great coach for the Spanish national team, only encourages him to win a seat back. Life is a series of goals. Who has no problem working hard, he can run constantly, play with one, two, three times.
`Has Philippe Lewis been over yet? `
- I think so. He knows how much we love him and how important he is. Let`s continue to give the same good things to the club as before!
- You are driving eighth season at Atletico. How much more?
`I always think only one thing:they can throw me out tomorrow. I am excited when players with different characteristics come, and we have to develop them and turn them into a team. This is my motivation, and when I have a goal I am enthusiastic.
`Your contract ends in two years
- When I came here,

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