The Real Madrid reserves recorded victory with the thought of Bayern

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Real Madrid`s team won 2:1 against Leganes in a game of the 35th round of La Liga, played by just under 60, 000 spectators of Santiago Bernabeu. Gareth Bale (8) and Borha Mayoral (45) realized for the still current champions of Spain. Darko Brahansac scored in the 66th minute. Asir Garitano`s team played a strong game and missed a point from Madrid. `Los Merrendes` definitely thought about the upcoming match via questions football tips with Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

Zinedine Zidane has made a radical change in his starting lineup, with only one of his captains against Bayern Munich (Munchen) among the 11 today - Kazemiro, who was placed as a central defender. Karim Benzema and Borha Mayoral led the attack, assisted by Gareth Bale. The Butarche guests formed a 4-2-3-1 circuit with central striker Miguel Guerrero.

The hosts pushed for pressure at the start of the game. In the second minute, Garrett Bale could sharpen the attack with a shot in the penalty area but showed selfishness and shot inaccurately. In the eighth `Los Blankos` they reached a goal. Benzema broke into the penalty area, fired at Jose Salfuda`s foot, the ball fell to Bale, who scored closely with a blow from the air. There were doubts about the ambush of the Welsh. Rather, it was not.

The guests from the Madrid suburb did not startle and built several valuable attacks. In the 17th minute, they did not reach Guerrero after finding a right wing. In the 25th `green` they had a brilliant opportunity for a goal. After a direct free kick rout, Gabriel Pires knocked the ball to the first goal, Kiko Cassiyas managed to react, after which the ball loosed the ball. Three minutes later, Saldua made a great raid on the right, centered, and Guerrero defeated with a heel on the first beam, sending the ball very close to the second beam, but in the off.

A minute later, Saldua intervened in front of the guests` goal after goalkeeper Ivan Kueyar had a hesitation. In the 34th, Daniel Sebayos shots, but does not hinder the guards. In the 37th, Norman Amrabat did something very beautiful. He fired from a place in the rainbow and crossed the crossbar. In the 45th, the ball again fell into Lega`s net. The judge did not first take note of the incident, but after consulting the side referee he pointed to the center. After centering, Benzema was ambushed, but did not play with the ball - Unai Boustinsa diverted her, and Borja Mayoral knocked in the near net - 2:0. The second half starts with a stronger game of the Butarche guests. In the 50th Nabil El Zhar and Bracanac combined, the ball was centered, and Guerrero did not manage to hit her well with her head in a clear position and helped Casioa. In the 55th Kazemiro shooted from 20 meters - in the keeper`s hands. In the 62nd Zinedine Zidane made a double shift, releasing Marco Asencio and Toni Kroos. In the 66th Ambrabt he invaded to the right and served the ball on the leg of Darko Brahansac. The midfielder was surprisingly left alone five meters from the goal after poorly positioning Ashraf Hakimi and Jesse Weijo. The visitors` attempts to go for a free kick. In the 70th Cassia paralyzed at Amtrak`s jerk. In the 74th, the tie was `hung in the hair`. The Busteness somehow managed to get to the ball and, from a small angle, headed it to the door. Falling Cassius pro

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