Football tipsters Fabio Capello:Messi and Cristiano to learn and lose

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Former England and Russia coach Fabio Capello criticized Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo who missed last night`s FIFA awards ceremony.
`They were disrespectful, and all the nominees were supposed to be here, maybe Messi and Ronaldo are too accustomed to winning and not liking when they are not at the top But one has to learn to lose and respect the success of others`, said the Italian specialist.

Officially, Cristiano Ronaldo was not present at the London ceremony due to Juventus` dense schedule, and Messi justified his absence for personal reasons. As captains of their national teams, both gave their vote for Luca Modric, who became the best footballer in 2018. Ronaldo stayed second and Messi was not among the three nominees and took fifth place in the standings. They are also part of the ideal team of the year.
FIFA also remained very angry at the fact that the two superstars did not respect the gala. Marca cites a representative of the global headquarters, who said:Messi and Ronaldo have discredited football with their absence but are not even aware of it. `

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