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Seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady has reached out to ex-wife Gisele Bundchen and apologized for the jokes he made about her during the live broadcast of The Greatest Roast Ever Live on Netflix.

During the show, comedians joked about the couple`s divorce, as well as about Bundchen`s new romantic relationship with her jiu-jitsu trainer.

Gisele and Tom have a rule that they don`t talk bad about each other or their marriage and divorce in the press. She was offended and upset by the roast`s comments and doesn`t think her new relationship should be involved in it. Tom contacted her to apologize. Now they only talk about children, " says Us Weekly.

Brady was reportedly unaware of the comedians` material. During the ceremony, he reacted sharply to comedian Jeff Ross`s joke about Patriots owner Robert Kraft and asked him not to make that joke again.
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