Football picks Paul Merson: Chelsea need a forward who can score out of the blue. Kane gave Tottenham 6 points in 2 matches but his legacy would be ruined by transfer

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Former Arsenal striker Paul Merson believes Harry Kane is the best option for Chelsea.

Chelsea are missing a natural goalscorer. They have a very talented team, but they need a forward who can score out of the blue.

We`ve seen Kane do this over the last two weeks. He has just secured six points for Tottenham with stunning conversions against Fulham and Manchester City. Chelsea does not have such players - and indeed there are few of them in football.

Everyone wants to sign a centre-forward, but Chelsea simply need one. And the most obvious option is Harry Kane.

However, I don`t think he will go to Chelsea because his legacy at Tottenham will be ruined, " Merson said.

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