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The Napoli and Juventus teams played 0-1 in the 15th round of the A Series. The result in the match of San Paolo opened Gonzalo Iguain in the 13th minute. The hosts are betting in this match of the tried-and-tested trio in the face of Dries Mertens, Jose Caiechon and Lorenzo Insignie. In the middle of the field, Marek Hamshik, Alan and Georgino will work.

For Juve, Massimiliano Allegri has decided to take the risk of joining the injured Gonzalo Iguaine on the verge of the attack. He will have the support of Paulo Dybala and Douglas Kosta. The trio in the middle of the pitch will be built by Sami Kedera, Miralem Pianic and Bless Matthew.

The match began with a two-axle attack on both doors. In the 3 rd minute, Miralem Pianic`s mistake could have cost a lot to Juve, but he did not reach Marek Hamshik to reach the exit pass in the penalty area. A minute later, the events shifted to the front door, where Gonzalo Iguaine looked with Jose Raine, but the goalkeeper came out and blocked his strike.

In the 13th minute the result mentioned by football record tips was found. Juve organized a speeding counterattack, Dybala ran through half the field and released a pass for Gonzalo Iguaine, who coolly sent the ball in the close corner of the door for 0:1. Immediately thereafter, two opportunities for Napoli followed. In the 17th minute Lorenzo Incienne made a strong but inaccurate stroke. A minute later, Marek Hamshik shoots for about 25 meters, this time Canluigi Buffon had to knock out the ball so he would not get into his net.

In the 22nd minute Juve again had a great goal opportunity. With a stir after a corner, the ball ended up in Medi Benatiya, who fired at volley but over the door.

In the 26th minute Douglas Kosta decided to shoot at the border of the penalty area, but his shot did not hinder Reina. In the 28th minute, Lorenzo Insieire tried to get a penalty shot. He and Matia De Shilio reached for a controversial ball in the penalty area, and the Napoli striker fell to the ground, but the judge clearly showed him that he would not adjudicate a violation.

In the 31st minute again, Insynie was under the spotlight. Giorgio Chelini mistakenly cleared the ball and she fell into Insienie, who fired vigorously but Buffon saved. In the subsequent corner he fired his head again and the goalkeeper had to intervene decisively, and the attack of the hosts ended with a rather inaccurate shot of Raul Albiol.

In the 37th minute, Inssieion again tested Buffon with a long shot and again the guest at the door of the door was flawless under the frame. Two minutes later, Juve`s next counter ended, with Dibballa`s inaccurate shot over the door. In the 43rd minute, Inssieion made a distant, but too weak, blow to Buffon. The second half began with a heavy pressure from Napoli and a new chance for Inssenie in the 53rd minute, again saved by Buffon. Immediately after that, Jose Caiechon made a loud jerk, but past the door. In the 65th minute, Dries Mertens fell quite artistically in a new attempt to try a penalty but Daniele Orsato again passed the situation silently. However, Juve could reach a second goal in the 68th minute when Pianic found Bless Matthew in the penalty box, what?

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