Football tips De Laurentis: I can`t understand why Insinia is not happy in Napoli

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Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentis commented on the situation with team captain Lorenzo Insinio, who has recently been in bad relations with mentor Carlo Ancelotti.

I cannot understand why he is not completely happy in Napoli. He is a great player, I admit him, but if he thinks his adventure with Napoli is over, he needs to clarify this so that he is misunderstood. He is someone who is never on good terms with coaches. I never understood the reasons for this. I don`t know what his current problems are. I love him, but if they have any problems, only he can solve them. I will defend him, but he has to understand that the squad is made up of 25 players and we need each one.

It would be better if he told us what he would do when he grew up. If Ancelotti chooses not to use it, he must stop joking and rebellious behavior. We had a meeting on May 1, after which the level of Lorenzo`s performance dropped. I think Mino Rayola came in two days ago to see what was going on. However, Insinia was in the stands against Genk, but was punished by Alexander Cheferrin (UEFA president - b. ). He needs to explain why we can only count on 18 players in games. A longer bench would allow us to avoid the resentment of those who do not fit in, De Laurentis told Gadetta Sports.

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