Serbia is shy with the shame and is on the world stage

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Serbia, with a lot of grief, came to a 1-0 victory against Georgia.Success, however, is invaluable as it will rank the World Championship next year.The only goal in the game according watch live football tips was scored by Alexander Priyovic in the 74th minute.

Having had a solid advance, the Serbs lost to Austria and left the last match, making their fans quite nervous, but they did their job.

Graduates of Slavlavub Muslin were supported by 40,000 fans of Raiko Mitic.They succumbed to the tension and played a weak first half dominated by nerves.The Serbs did not create a goal, and Georgia was several times close to finding the result.

The disappointed supporters sent off the players on the break and that seemed to have helped because the team was transformed into the second part.The hosts started creating situations, with Gudelli, Mitrovic and Matic getting away with the goal.In the 74th minute came the reassurance and the joy.Ivanovic started the attack on the right, and Mitrovic centered on Priyovic, who detonated the stands.So, eight years later, Serbia secured a second world championship.


1: 0 - Priyovic (74)


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