Football pick Chavez:My idea is to start as a coach in Qatar and then return to Barca

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Barcelona legend Chavi Hernandez shared his plans for the start of his coaching career. The midfielder will play the last match of his career as a Qatari al-Sad football player today.

The idea is to start as a trainer in Qatar, where there is no such strain to try myself and gain experience. The aim is to return to Europe, and most of all to Barca. I have made a very long career, I am calm and also aim to be a coach. I imagine that having a goal when you have such a wonderful stage helps you to look at everything easier. I wish to be a coach and share a little of my experiences. I have many concepts for football in my head and I would like to pass them on to the others. My mentors? They are a lot. The two who stood out to me the most were Luis Aragones and Joseph Guardiola, who is currently the best coach in the world.

Football can be played in a thousand ways. I have always liked the Barcelona one because it is attractive, proficient in the game and the ball. I want to pass this on to others. That`s how I grew up and I enjoyed that style a lot. We have won with him - both Barca and the national team. So I think it`s the best style of play. Rumors to come back to Barcelona as a coach? These are big words. Now I`m starting a career from scratch. I can`t take a Ferrari or a transatlantic ship. I have to start with a boat, a small car. To try it lightly, to gain experience and yes, it really is a goal to return to Barcelona, but with peace of mind, Chavi said before his last match from football tips as a footballer.

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