Loko (Moscow) ruined the Czechs for 17 minutes in a historic game

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Russia`s Lokomotiv (Moscow) defeated 3-0 as host Czech Zlin in a second round match in the group stage of Europa League. All three goals were played by a single player by the 17th minute - the 31-year-old Portuguese midfielder Manuel Fernandez. In this way Benfica`s adolescent and former Valencia player was the author of the fastest hat-trick in the history of League Europe. So far, the record has been held by Stefanos Atanasiadis (28 minutes) from the Greek PAOK. Manuel Fernandes took the Russian capital from the Russian capital ahead in the second minute with a penalty shoot-out, which was ruled for a violation of Alexei Miyanchuk. In the 6th minute, Fernandez with a shot of about a meter or two from the penalty point doubled the advance of his team. In the 17th minute Fernandes took advantage of a nice pass on the left side of Miradchuk and, with a close shot, shaped his historic hat-trick. In the other Group F game mentioned by questions football tips Sheriff (Tiraspol) and FC Copenhagen did not score goals. Thus, Loko (Moscow) with 4 points ranked first in the group. With 2 points and a goal difference of 0: 0 are Sheriff and Copenhagen, and one point is Zlin in fourth place.

LOKO (M) - ZLIN 3: 0

1: 0 M. Fernandez (2-d)

2: 0 M. Fernandez (6)

3: 0 M. Fernandez (17)

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