Tears for Astors in Spain and Portugal

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Davide Astori`s death shook the soccer world, and two of his former teammates in Fiorentina learned the unpleasant news during their matches via dropping odds in Spain and Portugal. Fiorentina`s captain died at 31 years of heart attack on the night of Saturday to Sunday.

Colombian defender Carlos Sanchez, who was handed over by La Viole in Spanish Espanyol, understood the incident when visiting Levante, which was a reservation. The 32-year-old defeated on the field of Ciutat de Valencia after the tragic news was reported to him immediately after the game. Sanchez and Astori played together for a season and a half of Artemio Franky.

The Montenegrin national Marco Bakic was struck by the gruesome news of the visit of Belinensche to Vitoria (Guimaraes). The attacking midfielder never made it to Fiorentina, but for one season he was a Astorian teammate.

Bachic was replaced and did not hold back his tears, and after leaving the field, he ripped off his team bench

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