Messi first scored Chelsea and pulled Barca to Stamford Bridge

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The Chelsea and Barcelona teams did not win the first 1/8-final clash with each other in the Champions League. The Stamford Bridge duel ended with a score of 1:1, but the English can more regret that they did not get the victory. Villian twice hit the beams behind Tergheg, before in the 62nd moment to find the result in the match. In the 75th minute, however, a crude defect in the hosts` defense helped Barca get to the draw and Lionel Messi scored his goal, this being his first goal at the door of Londoners in his career. So the match ends without a winner, and the rematch predicts to be quite interesting. The hosts again started the match without a typical central striker, with Eden Hazard working on top of the attack. He had the support in front of Villian and Pedro Rodriguez. Victor Moses and Marcos Alonso acted as midfielder, and the pair in the middle of the pitch was Ngoolo Cante and Cesc Fabregas. The trio of defenders was made up of Antonio Rugidier, Cesar Aspilquita and Andreas Christensen. The door was again Tibor Courtoa.

Barcelona challenged Marc-Andre ter Stegen at the door and coach Sergi Roberto, Gerard Picket, Samuel Yumtiti and Jordi Alba in defense. Sergio Buscakes, Ivan Rakitic and Paulinho were the trio in the middle of the pitch. Andres Iniesta, Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez have begun the attack.

The first opportunity in the game by football record tips was for the hosts. In the 5th minute Eden Hazard shoots strongly from the border of the penalty area and was not far from the target.

In the 9th minute, Chelsea had a new opportunity, and after a corner kick from Rudiger was up and shooting with a head but away from the door. Barca also showed his teeth in the 16th minute when Messi elegantly centered on Paulinho in the pennant, but the Brazilian head shot did not find the outline of the door.

In the 30th minute Chelsea won a defeat in front of the Catalonian penal field. Marcos Alonso did a good shot, but Ter Stegen was ready and caught.

In the 33rd minute, Londoners were very close to the goal. Villian performed a great strike coming in from the left side of the field, but the ball went into the equalizer. At the 38th minute, the events moved to the other door. In a corner kick-off, Gerard Picke managed to play down with his own volley, but the shot went straight into the arms of the goalkeeper.

In the 41st minute, luck was not again on the side of the hosts. Again Villian made a powerful jump, and for the second time the beam helped the Catalans to get rid of a goal. Two minutes later, the `blue` had a great new chance. Picke cleared a ball badly and sent it straight to Azar`s foot, which ran out of volition but over the door. The second part started with a chance for the guests. In the 48th minute Iniesta freed himself from Victor Moses and tried a shot, but over the door.

In the 54th minute, Barcelona made its first straight shot in the match. Luis Suarez slipped into the pennant and fired closely, with Curtoa intervening decisively. In the 62nd minute Cesc Fabregas attempted a distant but rather anemic stroke. With it, however, he won a corner shot in which Villian was left uncovered at the boundary of the penalty area, settled the ball and, with a very precise shot, sent it to the net behind Terghegan.

In the 75th minute,

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