Lyon had a good lead against Villarreal

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Lyon`s team, who headed for the Europa League final by football predictions at their stadium, made a steady pace towards the 1/8-final after a 3-1 victory over Villarreal in the first 1/16-final battle. All four hits fell after the break. Nombele (46), Nabil Fequir (49), and Memphis Depay (82) were right for the Franks. For the Piraeus team, Pablo Fornalas was correct (63).

The first chance was given to Nabil Fekir in the 11th minute. After a blow from the French technician, the ball went past the goal. Two minutes later, Mariano Diaz was fouled by Victor Ruis, but he went on and the referee gave way, goalkeeper Sergio Asenho did not come out, but the former Real Madrid striker did not find a gap for a shot. In 18th, Lyon`s guard, Antoni Lopez, showed a class with two quick rescues. In the first one he managed a maneuver from the air of Manu Trigeros and a second later neutralized Carlos Bacca. In the 24th Asenho he reached out to master and saved a shot of Fekir. In the 32nd Dennis Cherishhev was also close to a shot. Overall, the first half was quite dynamic and offered situations in front of both doors.

Just 30 seconds after the start of the second half, the hosts came to a goal. Victor Ruis failed to clear his head and Mariano attempted to shoot at the far corner, but a nice shot for Ndombele, which close to his head - 1:0. The 49th `Kids` were already leading 2-0. Mariano invaded the left, flipped Alvaro Gonzalez and shot in the body of Asenho. The weighted ball hit Fekir and he headed the net to double the lead of his. These two hits gave the host a impulse and they continued to play better in the next few minutes. In the 63th Valencia guests returned a goal in one of their rare attacks. The Reserve Enes Unal clever skipped the ball, she fell into the feet of Pablo Fornalas in the penalty area. Number 8 bet on the power, the goalkeeper played with the ball and she clung to the goal but the home keeper defeated it already behind the goal - 2:1. In the 82nd Memphis Depay scored a great goal. The former Manchester United player shot 22m powerfully and shot Assenho 3:1. In the 88th yellow they missed an excellent chance. Fornalas fired strongly from the air by 11 meters, but found the goalie`s body.

The revenge is after a week in Spain.


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