The goal balls returned with full force to Bernabeu

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Spain`s Real Madrid has finally scored a convincing victory at home defeating Deportivo La Coruna 7-1 in a 20th round of La Liga, played against 63, 504 spectators at Santiago Bernabeu. The `Whites` were hit by the Galician in the 23rd minute when Adrian Lopez was right. The Kings of Europe reacted with powerful pressure and a bunch of hits. The winners were Nacho Fernandes (32 and 88), Gareth Bale (42 and 59), Luca Modric (68), Cristiano Ronaldo (78 and 83).

Zinedine Zidane gave Borja Mayoral a chance at the top of the `white` assault, backed by Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo. Isko stayed on the bench. Nacho Fernandez had an excellent opportunity in the defense to place on goal for Sergio Ramos. The guests relied on 4-3-3 with a serious attack on the faces of Lucas Perez, Florin Andonne and Adrian Lopez.

`Los Merrenges` started off with a flurry of attacks and flanking. In the fourth minute, Bale centers on the right and Ronaldo heads up the bar. In the sixth Ruben Martinez intervened after a blow from Mayoral`s air. Gradually the hosts` attacks were blunted, and Real entered the familiar bout of recent weeks.

The guests of Riazor played more confidently and looked ahead. In the 17th minute, Florin Andonne slipped from the central defenders but was stopped by Casemiro in the penalty area. The 23rd `white-and-blue` angered the audience with a shot at the door of Kayor Navas. Andonne fought a body with Daniel Carvajal, Lucas Peres rushed into the penalty area and released a passage parallel to the goal to Adrian, who came close to the net - 0:1. Despite Carvalhal`s claim for an offense, Judge Fernandez Borbalan has taken note of the attack.

Zidane`s guys responded with steady action to the guests door. The 26th Marcelo shoots from the air and the ball flies past the far beam. Two minutes later, Cristiano headed, Ruben gruffed and Borha Mayoral was unable to add to the net. In the 30th Marcelo swung, flipped a defender, entered the penalty area and fired at the near corner. The goalkeeper played the ball, then was lucky to hit the beam. The equalizer shot fell. In the 32nd Marcelo came to the left, Depop`s defenders forgot on Nacho in the penalty area, firing without a delay of 17 meters and defeating Galicia`s door - 1:1. By the end of the half-time the Spanish champion made a complete turn. After another swing attack on the left, Cristiano fell into the small penalty area with penalties and just two seconds later the ball was in La Coruna`s network. Bale mastered and turned the ball in a perfect way to the far upper corner and passed the goal after contact with the side beam near the fitting. The Welsh became the first Real Madrid footballer with 5 goals in La Liga this season. So Los Llanocos managed to retire on a break with a lead after finding the right answer to the goal in their door. The European King is launching the second part at speed. In the 50th minute, Toni Kroos `dropped` a good lead for Karvahal, who took control of Ronaldo, but the Portuguese was overtaken by Fabian Cher and committed a violation. At 52

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